Lake Michigan Fishing Charter Rates: Milwaukee and Racine

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Cleaning, bagging of fish & Wi State Tax are all included in the charter price.

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The No Fish - No Pay policy is for completion of any 5 hour charter or longer. This means your trip is free if a legal fish is not caught.

  • All rates are for the boat not by person and is for your group only.
  • We NEVER put you with other groups.
  • The price is the same for just 1person, 3 people or 5 people.
  • Five people is the maximum number of people you can have in your group. Fishing groups between 3 and 5 are ideal.
  • For groups of MORE than 5 people we will set you up with as many boats needed based on your group size. If you have 12 people you will need 2 boats, 18 people 3 boats and so on.
  • For fishing action we have found 3-5 people is a good number but whatever your group size is from 1 up to 20 Silver King Charters will make it a fun and safe experience.
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Silver King Charters Specials

We’ve got a handful of specials available for truly unique and unforgettable trips out on Lake Michigan—from quick adventures after punching out to deep sea type offshore fishing well off the coast of Milwaukee and Racine:

Salmon-O-Rama catch on Lake Michigan2024 Salmon-A-Rama runs July 13th - 21st and we look to put more customers names on the board and send a few of them home with money! We will let you know how everyone does with Silver King Charters!

Salmon-A-Rama 2023 had us fishing everyday for our clients chance to win any one of many prizes available. Our boat holds the entry fee but each charter booked gets the chance to enter their catch for prizes in the tournament. We had a charter win 1st Place in the Super Slam for $2000 Cash Prize & one that took 2nd Place for Lake Trout for $1000 Cash Prize. Two of our fishers were in the top 10 for the Grand Prize with one finishing in 2nd place! We have had multiple winners for 8 years in a row. 

Silver King Charters purchases a $500 ticket for Salmon-A-Rama every year and plan to do so this year, so all of our Lake Michigan charter fishing clients during that week in 2023 were entered in the largest Lake Michigan salmon fishing tournament of the year That means they were eligible to win over 60 cash prizes, including the grand prize of $25,000. We have had multiple winners every year we have been entered!

This is a big fish tournament, so all you need to do is reel in the fish and see if one is big enough to win some money. Otherwise, the trip is the same and costs nothing more than the charter. It is a great way to add even more fun to your trip. You get to weigh in your Lake Michigan catch right where we clean the fish at the end of the trip. This is also one of the most productive weeks of the Wisconsin fishing season. 

In 2011 a 13-year-old girl caught the winning fish, so anyone can be a winner. The Silver King Charter captains have had great success helping clients catch big fish that have ended up on the winners' board.

Lake Michigan Fishing Charter Prices

Trophy Brown Trout from Lake Michigan July 2015Book a Milwaukee Charter Fishing Trip Today!

Morning fishing charters start as early as 4:00 AM, afternoon fishing charters start as early as 12:00PM and evening fishing charters start at 3:00 PM. Most morning trips start no later than 5:00 AM to provide the best action and evening trips usually start at 3:00 PM to catch the evening bite. These times start later in the morning and earlier in the afternoon for trips in early May and September through October.

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Silver King Charters will schedule trips to work around your schedule and trips can run longer or shorter than the standard five hours. Add $100 for each extra hour. Prices will be adjusted accordingly. Silver King Charters runs trips seven days a week. Racine Charter Fishing starts the first week of April and goes until mid-June. Milwaukee Charter Fishing starts in mid-June and runs through October. Silver King Charters offers you the chance to take advantage of this great salmon fishery when it best suits you at outstanding rates with high-quality trips.

Silver King Charters can arrange multiple charter boats for larger groups. If you have MORE than 6 people we will set you up with as many boats as needed based on your group size. If you have 12 people you will need 2 boats, 18 people 3 boats and so on.

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