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Lake Michigan Fish Seasons for Lake Salmon and Trout


April Milwaukee Charter Fishing and Racine Charter Fishing:

This is an excellent time to target Brown trout and Lake trout around the Milwaukee harbor area. This is the best area to fish for Brown's on Lake Michigan. Silver King Charters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during April to target this excellent fishing. Brown trout can run from 2 to 30 plus pounds and it will only be matter of time before a 40 pounder is pulled from this area. Lake trout are also caught during these trips as they chase spawning smelt heading into the harbor area. The air may be chilly but the Milwaukee brown trout fishing is hot. The average size for these trout is 2 to 12 pounds and limit catches are common.

Spring Season Charter Fishing for Trout

Learn from the best.

May through mid June Milwaukee Charter Fishing and Racine Charter Fishing:

Lake Michigan salmon and trout charter fishing begins with Coho salmon, Lake trout and Brown trout. Coho salmon is the primary target fish during this period as large schools make their way north starting in March from the southern end of Lake Michigan. Silver King Charters in located in Racine, Wisconsin from May 1st through mid June to take advantage of the large concentration of Coho salmon. This can be some fast paced fishing, with Coho’s ranging from 2-8 lbs. These fish are excellent eating salmon, perfect for the skillet or grill. They are the Captain Kurt's favorite fish to eat.

Timing is everything with Coho's but when the surface water begins to warm up the Coho salmon go crazy for several weeks. Lake Michigan is home to some of the best Coho fishing and Racine Charter Fishing and Kenosha Charter Fishing has some of best Coho fishing during this period. Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Lake trout and Chinook salmon will also make up the catch during this period. Fishing out of Racine during this time of the year gives you better fishing opportunities and the Silver King is only 20 minutes from Kenosha, Wisconsin waters, which also holds many Coho salmon during the early weeks of Wisconsin charter fishing for salmon. This part of the season has more limit catches then any other time during the season. Last season we had an 85% limit catch in May.

Mid June though early July Milwaukee Charter Fishing and Racine Charter Fishing:

This is a transition period for charter fishing Lake Michigan salmon and trout. You will catch a mixed bag of Coho and Chinook salmon. Silver King Charters moves back to its home port of Milwaukee during this time. All three species of trout are common during this time and it is possible to land all 5 species in one trip. Lake Michigan is setting up its thermocline where the warm and cold water are sharply separated. Bait fish are usually found around this separation point and salmon around or below this. Milwaukee charter fishing and Port Washington charter fishing during this period is changing daily as the water begins to warm up. Many trips during this time end up with 3 or more different species as summer begins in Wisconsin.

Summer Charter Fishing in Milwaukee and Racine


July through August Milwaukee Charter Fishing and Racine Charter Fishing:

This is the heart of charter fishing Milwaukee salmon during the fishing season and the target fish is the Chinook or "King” salmon. These fish will take long runs and give you a battle you will not soon forget. Come prepared for a workout. The mature Chinook salmon runs from 12-20 lbs and can exceed 30 lbs. Chinook salmon are excellent for the grill or smoking. This is also a good time for Rainbow trout or "Steelhead". The Rainbow trout puts on a spectacular aerobatic show and are a very tasty fish. The Chinook is King during this time of the year and 75% of the catch will be Chinook. The Silver King has great success catching the outstanding fighting Chinook salmon.

September through October Milwaukee Charter Fishing and Racine Charter Fishing:

Early September is the time to target mature Chinook salmon and Coho salmon as they begin their spawning runs. This is an excellent time to catch fish close to or in the Milwaukee harbor area. These fish put up great fights and are perfect for smoking. Brown trout are also abundant during this time as they begin their spawning run. Lake trout are sporadically caught during the fall as they are throughout the season. During October the Silver King is back out on Lake Michigan catching 2 and 3-year-old Chinook salmon along with Lake and Brown trout. An early fall fishing trip is a great way to wrap up the season before winter comes.

Milwaukee Skyline While Charter Fishing

Call Silver King Charters today at 414-460-1467 and book a trip for Wisconsin charter fishing to catch salmon and trout on Lake Michigan. Remember if you don’t catch a fish you don’t pay.


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