Chinook Salmon Fishing: Mid-August-September

Chinook Salmon Charter Fishing MilwaukeeLate summer - mid-August and through September - is the time of year that mature Chinook Salmon, Brown Trout and Coho Salmon return back to the ports they were stocked to spawn. Silver King Charters targets these fish in and around the Milwaukee harbor as these fish start to stage near the river to spawn. This bite is determined on water temperature, rain and stocking totals for that year.

The Chinooks we catch at this time have a potential to be big and really put up a great fight. The run time is almost nothing because we set lines less than 10 minutes after leaving the dock.

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When these pre spawning fish are not set up we will head out on the lake to catch Lake trout, Steelhead and smaller salmon. Again water temperature will determine where we fish whether it is offshore or in the shallows.

So this time of season we will combat fishing big Kings near the harbor or taking on some great trout fishing in the lake. It is a great way to spend a day before a football game!

Enjoy Fun Activities Before or After Your Lake Michigan Charter Fishing Trip

Wisconsin is known for its fun activities in early-mid summer, but the excitement doesn’t stop when the temperatures start to drop! You can still have a great time before, during and after fishing for huge salmon and trout.

Oktoberfest at Heidelberg Park in Milwaukee CountySeptember is the time to celebrate Oktoberfest at Heidelberg Parkin Milwaukee County. You’ll find yourself surrounded by authentic German culture from the food and beer to the music and dancing. Oktoberfest is a great time for kids and adults of all ages.

September marks the end of the Brewer season except when we are running at the playoffs in October! Catch a quick game before or after your fishing trip! Many local restaurants like Saz’s, Milwaukee Brat Haus, O’Brien’s Irish Pub and Milwaukee Steakhouse offer shuttling to and from Miller Park Stadium, so you don’t have to fight the crowds and worry about where to park.

If you’re more of a football fan than a baseball fan, Madison or Green Bay are only a short 1.5 hour drive from Milwaukee. Head over to Camp Randall Stadium or Lambeau Field and enjoy Wisconsin football at its best with the Wisconsin Badgers or Green Bay Packers against your favorite team!!

Chinook Salmon Charter Fishing at the End of Summer

Are you visiting from Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan or Texas? Silver King Charters recommends the Park East Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. After a long day salmon and trout fishing, you’ll want to kick back and relax. You can even book one of their Jacuzzi suites for ultimate relaxation.

No matter where you’re coming from – if you’re local to Milwaukee or want to make a weekend trip from Minneapolis, Dubuque, Peoria or Lafayette, you’re sure to have a great time.

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