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Reports for 2009

November 30, 2009

           Silver King Charters has purchased a new boat and it is a 29' Tiara Open. This boat has a 10 foot beam and lots of space in the back to fish from. The hull has a keel, which gives her excellent stability in the water. The boat is powered by twin Crusader inboard engines with 540 horsepower. The Tiara Open is the ultimate weapon for trolling Lake Michigan salmon and trout and I am excited to offer this new boat for you to charter from.

            I will be also offering spring and fall charters from a 18' Wellcraft, which is also a new addition. This boat will take 1 to 2 people fishing for spring Brown trout and fall Chinook salmon. This boat is fully rigged just like the Tiara but gives you a more hands on experience.

            I will be looking for a sister boat to the Tiara and hope to have one within a year. It is tough to find boats of an excellent standard that Silver King Charters like to offer. Silver King Chartes really is looking foward to the 2010 season and there will be more details to come on the new Silver King. Have a Happy Holidays. 

October 10, 2009

           Milwaukee charter fishing is over for 2009 season. Silver King Charters ran 4 more trips in October and fishing remained deep but active. We were in 100 to 150 feet fishing 60 to 100 feet down. The catch was primarily 2 and 3 year old Chinook salmon. Some of the 3 year old Chinooks were 12 to 14 pounds. This is a good sign for the 2010 season. During the final four trips we went 8 for 12, 10 for 12 "limit", 10 for 11 and 5 for 7 "limit". The season was good and we ended up with one skunk, one trip with a shaker and one trip with just one fish. over 35% of Silver King Charters trips went for limits and 90% of our trips were 5 fish or more. 

          We end are charter fishing season early because we are selling the boat and buying a 27 foot boat. We will still give you great quality and service but with more comfort. We will also be Charter Fishing Racine for the first two months of the season. We want to give you better and more consistent fishing in May and June. The Coho salmon migrate from the southern part of Lake Michigan and by starting further south we can put you on these fish sooner. Racine Charter Fishing is outstanding in May and early June for Coho's. We will be back in Milwaukee for the great Chinook salmon fishing in mid to late June. Silver King Charters will also be offering 1 and 2 person Brown trout charter fishing trips in Milwaukee during March and April. We run these trips in and around the Milwaukee harbor. This is an outstanding Brown trout fishery and is considered one of the best on the Great Lakes.

           As soon as we have the boat or boats purchased for next season we will update you with details and pictures. Thanks to all who booked a charter with Silver King Charters in 2009 and we hope you will be back in 2010.

September 28, 2009

           Silver King Charters ran 3 trips this weekend and the fishing was very good. We went 7 for 9 "limit", 10 for 14 and 10 for 13 "limit". Every fish we landed was a Chinook salmon and most were two or three olds. The biggest was 13 pounds and most averaged between 5 to 10 pounds. The fish were still deep in about 110 feet of water coming between 65 to 95 feet down. This was the best weekend of fishing in a month and with strong west winds coming for the next couple of days we should see some more good fishing next weekend. Give Silver King Charters a call to get out on Lake Michigan and catch some of the last good salmon fishing of 2009. 

September 21, 2009

          We ran two trips this week and fishing was slow. The first trip was Thursday night and we went 7 for 12. This sounds good but all the fish came in the first hour and a half. All were Chinook salmon around 3 to 10 pounds. The fish were still deep in about 120 feet and biting 65 feet down to the bottom. The second trip was the worst of the year. We went 0 for 0 with only two hits and was Silver Kings first skunk of the year best a shaker trip just two weeks ago. We were forced to fish in the harbor due to 5 to 8 foot waves on the lake. The water in the harbor was 70 degrees from top to bottom and the salmon are very sluggish in this warm of water. The water temperature is usually between 54-62 degrees this time of year and the fishing is outstanding. We need west winds. 

          There will be some outstanding fishing still to come this season and it should turn around any day. Silver King Charters runs trips through October and Milwaukee Charter Fishing for salmon and trout will continue to improve as water cools.

September 14, 2009

         Silver King Charters Ran 4 trips on Labor day weekend, one weeknight trip and four trips this last weekend. The fishing still remains deep due to warm water and the harbor fishing is still tough for the same reason. We still took fish each trip but the fishing was on again and off again. The trips went as follows: 10 for 13, 6 for 8, 3 for 6, 12 for 13, 3 for 8, 12 for 15 "limit", 7 for 8 and 5 for 9.

       There is plenty of Milwaukee charter fishing left  this season and west winds will really help out the harbor fishing for mature Chinook salmon. We will continue to catch 1, 2 and 3 year old Chinooks, Lake and Rainbow trout. There also will be some good Brown trout fishing in a few more weeks.

        Call Silver King Charters today and book a trip this season and receive $25 off a 2010 trip charter fishing Wisconsin Lake Michigan salmon.

September 2, 2009

         We were out Thursday through Tuesday and things got very tough starting Saturday morning when we had 20-30 mph winds from the north and made things difficult to say the least. It also turn Lake Michigan upside down. The thermocline is now down 115 feet and this is were the salmon. Silver King Charters went 10 for 12 "limit" , 5 for 8, 2 for 4, cancel Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning due to high winds, 7 for 10, 1 for 3 and 5 for 8. Fishing is getting back to normal as the salmon have begun to adjust after the blow.

          Silver King Charters almost had its first skunk on Sunday night and the only fish we caught was a 1.5 lb Chinook salmon. We want our customers back and these clients recieved the trip for $50 because a shaker King salmon is not a fish aboard Silver King Charters. Hopefully mother nature cooperates the rest of the season and fishing continues to be good through October. 

           We have all of 9/4 and the afternoons of 9/6 and 9/7 open for Labor day weekend and the weather looks fantastic for fishing. So call 414-460-1467 and book a trip charter fishing Milwaukee Wisconsin salmon this weekend. The big four year old salmon are starting to show up outside the habor and are outstanding to fight.

August 27, 2009

         Last trip was Wednesday night and we took 7 Chinook salmon including 4 that were over 12 pounds. Silver King Charters is book through September 1, 2009 but we still have openings for Labor Day weekend. This is always a great weekend for Chinook salmon fishing on Lake Michigan and one of the last weekends to catch the mature four year old Chinook salmon out on the lake before they begin their spawning run. Call today to try Wisconsin charter fishing for salmon and trout aboard Silver King Charters. 

August 24, 2009

         Milwaukee charter fishing Lake Michigan salmon remains good. Silver King Charters ran three morning trips Saturday through Monday and all were good trips. We went 13 for 13, 15 for 18 "limit" and 11 for 13 "limit". Most of these fish were Chinook salmon and ranged in size from 5 to 18 pounds. This week we have Wednesday-Friday nights open and Sunday morning. Labor day is starting to fill up too so call 414-460-1467 now to secure a trip to catch Chinook salmon and trout on Lake Michigan aboard Silver King Charters.

August 21, 2009

         Silver King Charters ran 3 trips Wednesday through Friday and though weather played havoc on all three trips we took fish each day. We went 15 for 18, 11 for 14 and 5 for 7. Most of the fish were Chinook salmon and several were over 15 pounds. There is still excellent fishing out on Lake Michigan but salmon are starting to show up around the harbor now and with all the cold water around we run trips just outside the harbor for bigger fish. In a couple of weeks we will be targeting the mature Chinooke salmon around the Milwaukee harbor and this is some of the best Milwaukee charter fishing of the year. 

       Silver King Charters runs weekday evening specials for harbor fishing through September for only $300. This is the lowest price for charter fishing Milwaukee Chinook salmon in town and the most exciting of the season. Come experience salmon fishing along the Milwaukee skyline this fall aboard Silver King Charters by calling 414-460-1467.  

August 16, 2009

         The fishing has been tough the last several days due to extremely cold water from top to bottom. Surface temps have been as low as 47 degrees and the temp break is only 10 to 15 feet down. There is a lot of warm water off shore and with a little east win the fishing will improve. Silver King Charters is still taking nice fish but we are working for them in as shallow as 20 feet of water at times. Are average catches over the the last several days has been 8 fish, with 75% of the catch being Chinook salmon. Several on these fish were 18 to 21 pounds and are putting up great fights in this cold water.

         The fish have been coming off flasher/flies on downriggers early and spoons on boards using 2,3,4,5 and 6 color leadcore. The fish are very picky in the shallow cold water and patients is required to catch these fish.

         Even though the fishing is challenging we have had many happy customers with more than enough fish after we clean them. There will be several outstanding weeks yet to come for Chinook salmon and cold water can blow out in less than 48 hours, making the fishing more consistent throughout a trip. Lake Michigan Milwaukee charter fishing is still one of the best salmon fisheries in the world and Silver King Charters can have you catching salmon today. Call 414-460-1467 to book a trip today.

August 12, 2009

         Lake Michigan Milwaukee charter fishing has remained very good, with the best action of the season occuring right now. Silver King CHarters ran 10 trips last week and had limit catches for customers on 7 of those trips. We took 20 fish on two of those trips and 15 on 3 more. Size has been very good and there has been a 15 pound or better Chinook salmon caught on every trip. This kind of action should contimue through the middle of September.

         The water is ice cold right now and we are fishing between 40 to 70 feet of water and anywhere from 10 to 60 feet down. Flasher/flies, spoons and plugs are all working with white and aqua flasher and flies doing the best.

         This week the Wisconsin State Fair is going on and we are located just 10 minutes from the fair. So book a trip to fish Lake Michigan salmon and trout this week and then check out the fair. Silver King Charters will be running trips right through October when Brown trout fishing and 3 and 2 year Chinook fishing is really good. 

August 3, 2009

          Charter fishing Milwaukee is continually improving each week making up for a cold and slow start. Silver King Charters is averaging 8 fish on our night trips and 12 fish on our morning trips. We are taking many nice Chinook salmon over 15 pounds now and these fish are a great fight. We have 14 trips already in the books for this month, so booking ahead is important to get the best date for you.

          The salmon fishing will only get better during the next 6 weeks and we should see several more 20 plus pound King salmon landed during this period of time. Flasher and flies are producing best on the downriggers and spoons or plugs have been hot on the board lines. We have been fishing between 50 to 90 feet of water for most of the season due to all the cool water around. We are the only charter boat that still offers a No Fish-No Pay policy for a 5 hour trip. Early mornings and trips starting at 3:00PM for afternoons are the best times to book. Come try your shot at fighting a salmon this season by calling 414-460-1467.

July 27, 2009

            Lake Michigan Milwaukee charter fishing has really improved this last week. Silver King Charters is starting to see double digit catches on a more consistent basis. We had a 10 for 12, 11 for 16, 13 for 15 and 17 for 21 trips during the week. Again the best times are early and late during the day, so starting your trip as early as possible is key. For evenings we are leaving the dock at 3:30PM to capitalize on the best bite. Customers landed several Chinook salmon over 15 pounds and the largest of the week was 19.5 pounds. Every spiece of fish was landed this week including several Brown trout over 15 pounds.

             The action was from 60 to 85 feet of water and between 30 to 60 feet down. The board and dipsy rods took over 75% of the fish. The 7 to 10 color leadcores nd 125 to 200 foot coppers with spoons worked good. Green flasher and fly combinations caught the fish on the dipsies.

             Chinook salmon are going to make up over 65% of the catch through the first couple weeks of September. After a real late start to the season it looks to be some great fishing coming up, so book ahead to make sure you get the date you want. 

July 21, 2009

             Milwaukee charter fishing has been consistent and the best weeks are yet to come. We ran a trip last Wednesday night and landed 5 nice fish, including a 14 pound Chinook salmon. Saturday Silver King Charters did 3 trips. The morning trip was tough due to a wind change to the North right at the start of the trip. We struggled to catch 4 fish but again there was a 15 pound Chinook caught. The mid day trip was exceptional for size and we went 6 for 6. We caught a 14 lb Lake trout, 13 lb Rainbow trout and a 23 lb Chinook salmon right in a row. This is the second 23 ponund Chinook caught in a week.

          The evening trip on Saturday agian suffered a wind switch and we ended up with 6 fish. We had one nice Chinook Salmon along with a 9 pound Rainbow trout. The evening bites have been very productive along with the early mornings and we have been catching 6 to 8 fish in the first and last hours of trips. Silver King Charters starts trips to give you the best chance to catch fish.

         Sunday mornings trip was good but lost to many fish. The fish were not very agressive when striking baits. We ended up 6 for 12 and had on nice Chinook weighing in at 17 pounds and also landed a Lake trout, Rainbow trout and Coho salmon. This was a nice mixed bag. The mid day trip was the best of the weekend. It was a one person trip and I wish it was for four people. The fish were hitting good after the weather finally held steady for more than half a day and this helped the bite. We went 6 for 7 in two hours and all the Chinook salmon were nice size. We offer single person trips with a first mate at $300 and on our 18 foot boat it cost $200. These our outstanding values for one peson to fish salmon on Lake Michigan. The 18 foot boat also offers 2 person trips for $250. We do not have a first mate for this boat.

         Silver King Charters 18 foot Wellcraft is an excellent boat to fish out of and has all the equipment the 24 foot boat has. The motor is a 125 horsepower Yamaha and also has a 8 horse trolling motor.

         This weekend has lots of events going on downtown. The air show will be on both Saturday and Sunday along the shores of Lake Michigan. You will have an outstanding veiw for all the different planes while charter fishing Milwaukee salmon. When your done fishing German Fest is going on at the Summerfest grounds and is walking distance from the dock. I stlll have a couple of good openings for this weekend, so call 414-460-1467 and catch a Lake Michigan salmon.

July 14, 2009

             Wisconsin charter fishing is continuing to improve and Silver King Charters ran 2 trips Saturday, 1 trip Sunday, 2 trips Monday and 1 trip Tuesday. Saturday was slow and we went 4 for 7 and 5 for 8 during the trips. We landed 5 beautiful Rainbow "Steelhead" trout during these trips. 

             We had an outstanding trip on Sunday going 11 for 13 and landing 7 fish in the first 30 minutes of the trip. It is very important to start your morning trips as early as possible to capitalize on the early morning bite. We also landed a 23.7 pound Chinook salmon during the trip and this was Silver King Charters biggest of the season. This fish wound up first place in Racine's Steve Lesch landed the fish after a twenty minute fight. We hope he wins when the contest finishes next Sunday but this is still impressive with over 3,000 people fishing the contest. Steve also caught a 10.4 pound Coho on this trip and told me it was in second place for the Coho Division. Not bad for a morning of fishing.

             On Monday we ended up with 8 fish for each trip. Both trips caught some nice size Chinook salmon. Chinooks are now becoming the primary catch and these are great fighting fish. Tuesday night we went 8 for 9 and had four fish hit at once near the end of the trip. We laned all 4 fish and two were over 15 pounds. The hot set up over these trips was a green flasher and green fly. We ran these on all set ups.

             Lake Michigan Milwaukee charter fishing is really starting to heat up and sould only continue to improve. Festa Italiana is going on this weekend at the Summerfest grounds and is in walking distance from the slip. So fish in the morning and go to the fest at night or do and evening trip and stick around for some fantastic fireworks.

July 9, 2009

             We ran two trips yesterday and fishing has begun to improve. On the morning trip we went 8 for 9 and started at 6:00AM. I cannot stress enough that starting earlier is better. A friend of mine was out an hour earlier and took 6 fish during that hour. He caught only two in the period we were out. The afternoon trip started at noon, so the guys could get to the baseball game. On this trip we went 10 for 11. Again I like to start at 3:00 or 4:00PM to hit the best fishing hours for you on an evening trip. Both trips turned out good and we are marking lots of fish now.

             Charter fishing Milwaukee is starting to target Chinook salmon now and this is some of the best action of the year. July and August are the best times to tartget Chinooks and some of these fish are reaching over 20 pounds. Silver King Charters has times available for this weekend, so call 414-460-1467 and start catching salmon today. 

July 6, 2009

             Charter fishing Milwaukee has been slow over the last two weeks. Silver King Charters is the last service that still offers a No Fish-No Pay policy for a five hour charter during morning and evening trips. We have averaged five fish a trip and though we have not been skunked there have been some very slow trips. The good news is the summer pattern is just about set up and fishing will pick up again. The other good item is there are some real nice size fish being caught this year. Milwaukee Charter fishing should see several 30 pound Chinook salmon this year and Siver King Charters has landed several Chinooks over 15 to 18 pounds.

            There is very little consistentcy to report and we have a new hot bait every trip but as soon as the summer pattern sets up we will dial into the hot set ups for the summer. I cannot emphisis enough to start your morning trip as early as possibly. For evening trips I start at 3:00PM to give you the best possible fishing times. To start a Milwaukee fishing charter trip earlier will be taking fish out of your trip.

           We have been running as many as 15 lines during these tough times to give you the best chance at catching salmon and trout. The board lines with cracked ice pro kings and the riggers with green cracked ice spin doctors and green flies have worked best lately.

           Silver King Charters has two captains with with a combined 50 years experience and 4 first mates with over 10 years experience fishing on Lake Michigan. This kind of knowledge is what gives you a great chance to land fish.

           This weekend the Milwaukee Brewers are in town for a series with the Cardinals and Bastile Days will be going on downtown. This is one of Milwaukee's best festivals. Some come to Milwaukee and experience a great day charter fishing Milwaukee salmon and trout and then go to the festival or Brewer game. I have the Brewer link further down this page.  

June 30, 2009

            Silver King Charters was down in Racine Wisconsin fishing the Bob Uecker Make-A-Wish tournement. We had a good pre-fishing day going 10 for 18 but come the two days of the tournement we couldn't stay on active fish and the results were not as we hoped. It was still great to fish for a tournement supporting the Make A Wish Foundation. The fish are scattered from 35 to 350 feet of water but when we find active fish they are qualitly size.

             The mature Chinook salmon are running 12 to 20 pounds and Coho salmon are 5 to 10 pounds. Summerfest is still running this weekend and we are located within walking distance of the park. Charter fishing Milwaukee salmon on Lake Michigan is a great way to start your day before going to Summerfest. 

June 22, 2009

             Silver King Charters ran 6 trips last week and averaged 8 fish a trip. Lake Michgan is setting up for the summer as a thermocline begins to form. Once there is a layer of warm water over cold the fishing will really turn on again. This last week we landed some real nice size Chinook Salmon on every trip and soon Chinooks will make up the bulk of the catch. We landed 3 that weighed 15 lbs. There should be several over the season in the twenty pound range.

            Charter fishing Wisconsin Milwaukee is in demand through the summer and Silver King Charters is booked through Sunday morning 6/28/09. We have openings starting Sunday afternoon and many during the worlds largest music festival Summerfest. Are boat is located within 12 minutes walking distance from Summerfest. Charter fishing for salmon is a great way to start the day before going to the fest and you can leave your car by the marina and walk to the grounds. For more infomation on Summerfest go to Book soon for a date during this week. The fishing should be outstanding.

 June 14, 2009

            Great morning of fishing on Sunday, going 19 for 23. The bite was in 200 feet of water, with most of the fish coming in the top 20 feet of water. Coho salmon came off of 3, 4 and 5 color leadcore, using orange B&B dodgers with green flies. We took some fish off the downriggers and all hits coming on flasher and fly combinations. We landed a 12.4 pound Coho, which is a monster for Coho salmon and is the biggest caught on Silver King Charters in three years. Two nice Chinooks were landed that weighed 12 and 13 pounds. The Chinooks came 100 feet down on the riggers.

            Charter fishing Milwaukee is starting to heat up and dates are being booked, so call today and make sure you get the day you want for a great experience on Lake Michigan.

 June 12, 2009 

            Was out Thursday night and it was bumpy. The wind was NNE at 10 to 20 knots, which lead to 2 to 4 foot waves. The guys were tough and we made the best of it going 9 for 11 by the end fo the trip. All fish came on white flashers and aqua or green flies. The hot depth was 85 feet and all fish came 50 feet down or deeper.

             This weekend looks much better wind wise and the fishing continues to approve as more fish are moving into the area. Call Silver King Charters to get on the lake this weekend to catch salmon and trout.

June 10, 2009

            Ran a trip on Tuesday night and went 7 for 8. Caught 4 nice Coho, 2 Chinook and 1 Lake trout. All fish were caught on flasher and fly combinations, with white flasher and boy blue flies working best. The downriggers saw most of the action set between 45 to 75 feet. We worked between 80 to 110 feet of water. Fishing looks to only improve over the next week as water temps continue to warm up and there is plenty of bait fish in the area.

          The White Sox are in town this weekend to play the Milwaukee Brewers, so book a morning trip Charter fishing Milwaukee salmon aboard Silver King Charters and then go see the baseball game located 10 minutes from the marina afterwards. Go to to find out more about the Milwaukee Brewers.

June 5, 2009

            We did a trip tonight and it was outstanding! Finally we have good surface temp for this time of year and it was around 51.5 degrees. We went 10 for 12 and they were all nice fish. The catch was made up of 2 Lakers, 1 Coho and 7 Chinooks. Five of these Chinook salmon weighed between 12 and 15 pounds. This is great size for early June and good promise for seeing some twenty pound fish soon.

           There has already been two 30 pound Kings caught on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan this year. Flasher and fly combinations on power pro dipsy rods were the hot set ups. We ran these with 100 feet of line out, which gets down to 50 feet of water. The flasher was a white pro troll e-chip with either an aqua or green fly. Dipsy set ups are great for catching big Chinook salmon throughout the season aboard Silver King Charters.  

           Charter fishing Milwaukee Wisconsin for Coho salmon is also in full swing with orange dodger and fly combinations working best for these excellent eating fish. We were working in anywhere from 80 to 140 feet of overall water and from the main gap of the harbor to Bender park for the last ten days. Real good fishing is here!

June 4, 2009

            Fishing is starting to improve as water has warmed several degrees in the Milwaukee area. Silver King Charters went 13 for 15 this morning. Fish were coming in 130 to 140 feet and the best depths were between 50 to 90 feet. All but one fish came on flasher and flies. The hot set up was a wire dipsy that had a green flasher with silver tape and a green fly trailing it. Seven of these fish were Coho salmon and we should see a lot more of these over the next three weeks. This was the best weekend we have had so far in the short season for solid action. Come try Charter fishing Milwaukee this weekend and then go to the River Splash festival just minutes away in downtown Milwaukee

June 1, 2009

            Fishing was tough this weekend with strong winds and cold temperatures the action slowed some. We still caught fish on every trip and there was good diversity. We caught Lake trout, Rainbow trout, Coho salmon and Chinook salmon. The action was between 100 to 150 feet of water between Milwaukee and Oak Creek, with most of the fish coming off flasher/fly combinations. More consistent action should happen this week with a warm up in temps. Charter Fishing Milwaukee is just one event you can do this weekend. After fishing with Silver King Charters you can enjoy River Splash in downtown Milwaukee. This is the 20th year for this music and food festival located around the Milwaukee River. Fishing in the morning or afternoon then a great festival at night is a great way to spend the weekend. 

May 26, 2009

             Well fishing out of Milwaukee has really improved, with Chinook and Coho salmon along with Lake and Rainbow trout making up the catch. We fished Friday and Monday and the action is definitely heating up. The next month will be solid Coho action and this is also a good time to catch Steelhead. We are catching Chinook salmon just below the Coho salmon and some of these fish are 12 to 15 pounds. The Coho salmon are coming on orange flashers and green or blue peanut flies and the Chinook are coming on green or white flashers with aqua flies. I was not out on Saturday and Sunday because I was putting a new prop on the boat. The best action is south of Milwaukee and we need to run about 10 miles south for solid action.

             Charter fishing Milwaukee will be outstanding for multiple species during a trip and Coho salmon make the trip exciting with periods of very fast action. We have our first tournament trip on Sunday and this is a great deal. You get 6 hours of fishing time for the price of a five hour trip. You get to weigh in your fish at the tournament and a chance at winning a trophy. You also receive a lunch with brats, burgers, sides, beer and soda. At the end we clean and bag your fish. This trip is limited to 2 people and you are fishing against 20 plus boats. Call Silver King Charters at 414-460-1467 this week to book this trip.

May 21, 2009

        The water is starting to warm up on Lake Michigan and so is the salmon fishing off Milwaukee. The Coho salmon are still south of us but should be here by next weekend. The Chinook salmon are around and being caught on most trips. Some of the fish are in the upper teens for weight and put up great fights. The salmon are coming on green flashers with aqua flies on downriggers and spoons off leadcore and copper set ups. We are fishing anywhere from the Milwaukee harbor gaps to 120 feet of water and this varies from day to day.

        Call Silver King Charters this Memorial Day weekend at 414-460-1467 to book a trip charter fishing Milwaukee salmon and trout. Next weekend is Silver Kings first tournament trip on 5/31/09. This is an outstanding deal and the details for this special can be found on the rates page. 

May 18, 2009

       Fishing remained the same this week, with the catch made up of Chinook salmon, Lake trout and Brown trout. Silver King Charters has been fishing the early part of trips in the harbor and running out between 100-200 feet for the second half of trips in the mornings. This is in reverse for afternoon trips.  We have yet to see Coho salmon in good numbers but it is only days before the orange dodger and peanut flies are running on 8 lines catching them. The Chinook salmon are good size ranging 10 to 18 pounds for 4 year old fish. Memorial Day weekend looks to be good fishing and we have a few openings still available, so call before we are booked up.

       Charter fishing Milwaukee is outstanding fun and one of the best ports on Lake Michigan to catch salmon and trout. Milwaukee also offers many other great festivals and sporting events to attend when you come to town for charter fishing. I will be posting links to events and what is on tap for the up coming weeks, so you can plan some activites around your fishing trip.

May 11, 2009

       Had a couple of trips early in the week and caught all Brown trout. These fish came in and around the harbor were the bait is bunched up and the water temperature is a little warmer. All fish came on spoons. We ran a trip Monday night and landed several fish including 3 nice Chinook salmon. Two of these fish were over 12 pounds and put up excellent fights. We fished just outside the main gap of the Milwaukee harbor. Silver King Charters has good rates for May afternoon trips and the main gap is just 12 minutes from the slip. We can put you on salmon and trout shortly after you arrive at the marina for a May evening trip.

       The bait is stacked in the harbor and the water temperature should be excellent for the next couple of weeks. Salmon and trout will hold in and around the gaps making this area one of the best places to fish this time of year. We should start catching Coho salmon this weekend and for the next several weeks charter fishing Milwaukee will be mostly Coho with some Chinook salmon in the mix. These fish are putting up great fights in the cold water and are really exciting to catch.

        The net pens were put in by the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Club on Saturday and the DNR put the salmon fingerlings in the pens on Monday. They will be realesed on Tuesday. We estimate 50,000 fish will be planted.


 May 3, 2009

         Silver King Charters ran two trips this weekend and it was all about the Brown Trout. We had one nice Lake Trout that weighed 14 pounds on the first day but the rest of the fish were Browns. These fish were between 2 and 9 pounds and are good eaters. We are finding them just outside the south end of Milwaukee harbor. We should be able to have one more good weekend of Brown Trout fishing before they disperse until fall and are difficult to catch in numbers.

          Wisconsin charter fishing on Lake Michigan is in full swing and Coho salmon will be showing up in good numbers within a couple of weeks in Milwaukee. We should see a couple in the catch next week. The boats in Waukegan and Winthrop, at the border of Illinios and Wisconsin, are catching good numbers now. These fish migrate north as the water temperature increases by a couple of degrees.  

           Charter fishing Milwaukee looks to be starting out better than last year's rough, cold and wet start. This should be a solid year throughout the season. I have times available for next weekend, so call now and book a trip with Silver King Charters.  

April 30, 2009

          This is the first weekend of the 2009 season for Silver King Charters and we have two trips planned on Saturday and Sunday. Both Lake Trout and Brown Trout are hitting in and around the harbor and some salmon are biting out deep. The action should be good but the weather is going to be chilly. The boat is running great and set to catch fish right now. So give us a call and book a May trip. We have many specials for the 2009 season and May already looks to be a great month for charter fishing Milwaukee salmon and trout.

          Silver King Charters still is one of two boats that offers a NO FISH - NO PAY policy and we have the best value for charter fishing in Milwaukee. Few Wisconsin charter fishing companies offer no fish - no charge policy. Come have a great time charter fishing this season aboard Silver King Charters.


April 1, 2009

         The weather is still winter like and it seems like salmon fishing is months away but Silver King Charters will be wetting lines on May 1. This is just 30 days away and people have already been booking trips for the season. We are cleaning and waxing the boat now and checking all of the pumps, electronics and engine for the long season ahead. All new line is put on the over 35 reels we use during the year. I will be posting weekly reports for the rest of the season. It looks to be another great year Wisconsin charter fishing.

         For those of you interested in the Brew City tournament please call me at 414-460-1467 for information. This year we offer $2650 in cash prizes for first and second place in all five spiecies. For the second year we have a $4000 cash prize for the top boat in the tournement. This is an outstanding tournament and for only $125 entry fee it is a great deal, so don't miss out. 

February 1, 2009

           Well we are a couple months away from the Wisconsin charter fishing on Lake Michigan to start full throttle again but Silver King Charters is already making preparations for another successful season. I offer a special for people booking a Charter with Silver King Charters in February or March. You will receive $25 off your 2009 Charter by booking early. I offer the best value on charter fishing in Millwaukee. Because I run a mid-size fuel efficient boat my cost are lower allowing me to offer the lowest price trips out of Milwaukee Harbor. My boat is very safe and the results outstanding. I tournament fish at the highest level and the Silver King is very competitive. Because of this high standard I offer a no fish-no pay  policy and I am one of a very few Wisconsin charter fishing companies offering this guarantee. So book a trip this year with Siver King Charters and get more bang for your buck in these tough economic times. We will also clean your catch after the trip and this is all included in the trip and you will have a tasty supper that night. Stay warm and we will see you on the water.

Reports for 2008

October 2, 2008

           Milwaukee charter fishing season is over for Silver King Charters for 2008. We did two more trips before calling quits and went 5 for 6 and 6 for 6. Most of the fish we took were small Brown Trout and 2 or 3 year Chinook Salmon. Lake Michigan Charter Fishing for Salmon was a tough one in 2008. After 3 consecutive record seasons for Chinook Salmon this year turned out to be very challenging. We averaged 12,13.5 adn 16 fish a trip the last 3 years but this year it was 8.5 fish. Everyone had tough times and there are many reasons for it but 8 fish trips are still very good catches and we hope to be back on track in 2009. 

September 23, 2008

          We have done 6 trips in the Harbor and it has been hit and miss. The catch has been Brown Trout and Chinook Salmon. The catches were 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 11. This has been a challenging year in the harbor for Milwaukee Charter Fishing because the water temps are 68-70 degrees from top to bottom and this causes fish to be less aggresive. There should be a couple of good days for Coho Salmon and the water should be cooler than. I have done 2 trips out in the lake and one we took 10 fish and the other we netted only 4 but they were all great eating fish. Most trips for the rest of the year will be out on Lake Michigan for 2 and 3 year old Chinook Salmon, Brown Trout and Lake Trout. It is not too late to try Charter Fishing Milwaukee in 2008 aboard Silver King Charters.

September 2, 2008

         Labor Day is now past but there is several more great weeks to fish Salmon and Trout in 2008. It was a real exciting weekend with Harley's 105th going on. Bruce Springsteen played 1/2 mile from where my boat is slipped. This weekend was solid, with 4 trips catching between 8-12 fish. The mature Chinook Salmon will be in the harbor starting next week and this will continue throughout September. This is an outstanding time to try Milwaukee Charter Fishing and catch 12-20 lb Chinook Salmon. Call Silver King for special rates on harbor trips.

August 26, 2008

          Milwaukee Charter Fishing continues to be excellent. I had trips Thursday through Sunday mornings and took 3 man limits on two trips and a two man limit on another. Only Sunday we failed to reach a limit and the trip was cut short due to rough seas. We still managed to land 8 fish. Both on Thursday and Friday trips a customer landed a 20lb Chinook Salmon. This is a great time to catch a four year old King Salmon before they start spawning. Charter Fishing Milwaukee will continue to be outstanding over the next several weeks so book a charter today aboard Silver King Charters.

           I would like to thank my first mates Chris Brand and my brother Willy for their excellent work this year. They help to put more fish in the boat for you and are probalbly some of the best and most experienced first mates for Charter Fishing Lake Michigan Salmon. Thanks again guys! 

August 18, 2008

           I was out Friday-Sunday mornings this week and had two person charters each day and each day we had a 2 man or 10 fish limit. Most of these fish were Chinooks and many of those wer 4 year old fish averaging 12-16lbs. Milwaukee Charter Fishing has really picked up this last week and looks to be a good rest of the month. This is a great time of the year to catch big Chinook Salmon and Silver King Charters will be out every evening and mornings Friday-Sunday, so book today and get in on the action. 

August 13, 2008

          This week I was not Charter Fishing Milwaukee because I was pre-fishing for Milwaukee's biggest Salmon tournament "Brew City". Although I fish many tournaments each year this one is special because I co-chair the tournament and spend many hours each year improving it. This year we had 115 boats register and the grand prize was $4000. The tournament was on Saturday and begins with a shot gun start at 5:30AM. You can fish until 2:00PM and weigh in 15 fish. We finished with 12-20 good enogh for 18th place. Most of my customers don't lose this many fish in five hours. Respectful but not were I wanted to be. We lost 3 fish at the back of the boat which would have put us in 10th place were my brother finished. I have finished no worse than 30th and my best was 5th place in eight years. I am certain that in the next couple of years we will win. I will be back Milwaukee Charter Fishing this week so give Silver King Charters a call so you can catch tournament winning Salmon in August and September. 

August 4, 2008

          Milwaukee Charter Fishing was really good until Saturday when a northeaster shut the fishing down for several days. On Thursday nights trip we went 18-20 in four hours, with 11 fish coming in the last half hour. We caught 11 four year old Chinooks all over 12 lbs. The customers were from Minnesota and had an outstanding time. Milwaukee Charter fishing continued to be good on Friday night when we took a two man limit in 3 hours. Again all nice Chinooks with the big going 18.6 lbs. Saturday morning with the wind change we hit a wall and the fishing became tough. We went 4-5 in five hours. The next day was not much better going 6-8. We still caught some nice fish and the people were pleased with the results but I am always tring for a limit. Fishing should pick up again for the rest of August. This is when the big ones are caught while Milwaukee Charter Fishing aboard Silver King Charters. 

July 28, 2008

        Milwaukee Charter Fishing was outstanding this weekend, limit or near limit catches. On Friday morning we went 18-20 and the bite was very consistent. Most of the fish were Chinook Salmon with the big fish running 20.75 Lbs. On Saturday morning we went 17-20 and again had a very consistent bite with many Chinooks in the mix. Saturday nite was outstanding. We went 15-17 in 3.5 hours all were nice size Chinooks. Sunday morning was a little more challenging but we managed 18-23 in 6 hours. The bite really died off. The final weekend trip on Sunday night was a two charter and went 10-12 in 3 hours. Six of these fish were four year old Salmon.

      I have pictures from these trips in the gallery. Milwaukee Charter Fishing is only going to get better in August, especially for big Salmon. So book a trip aboard Silver King Charters there are many great times still open and experience Charter Fishing Milwaukee for yourself.  

July 21, 2008

          Milwaukee Charter Fishing has finally improved to what it should have been by the last week of June. The season started out so cold that it put the fishing behind by at least 3 weeks and almost eliminated the Coho bite. The good news is we are about to make up for the tough times. This week was the first time we saw several good trips in a row and the size was outstanding.

          Thursday we went 10-12 on an evening trip. All 10 fish were Chinook Salmon and that is what the target fish is for Milwaukee Charter Fishing in July and August. All the fish were nice size, with 5 Kings running over 10 lbs. On Friday we went 10-13 and caught all five spiecies. This is the second time this year Silver King Charters has accomplished this. On Saturday we went 22-25 and took a 20.85 lb Salmon, which took 5th place in the Racine Wisconsin You can see the results in the Boat Chinook Division. We caught these fish in under 5 hours.

         This is going to be the best time of the year in 2008 for Milwaukee Charter Fishing so book your trip today aboard Silver King Charters. Look at the gallery section to see the big Chinook Salmon. 

July 17, 2008 

         Well this season has been a little tougher than last year. Silver King Charters is averaging 9.5 fish a trip and this is typical of the Milwaukee Charter Fishing in the area. The season is way behind to where it should be due to cold water. But more Chinook Salmon are showing up daily and we are catching fish in the 14-18lb range now.

        I had two evening trips on July 2nd and 3rd and we went 5-8 and 4-5 but both trips were cut short due to weather. On July 4th we took 11-12 fish with 8 Chinook Salmon. July 6th was slow with a 5-6 outing and 4 of the fish were Lake Trout. I did two trips on July 12th and we took a two man limit in 3 hours on the morning trip but only managed 7-9 in the afternoon. The afternoon trip saw 6 fish over 10lbs with the biggest at 16lbs. Sunday it was too rough to fish on the lake so we fished the harbor and took 6 nice Brown Trout. We had a trip on Monday and went 10-10 landing several nice Chinook Salmon and Rainbow Trout.

        Milwaukee Charter Fishing should be outstanding through September. Silver King Charters knows where to catch your big King Salmon, so come experience Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing in Milwaukee Wisconsin this season.

July 1, 2008

          It has been a while since my last report because I have been doing a lot of fishing. The fishing has improved and the good days are much more consistent. On Friday's trip we went 4-5 and they were all nice fish over 10lbs, with the biggest being a 18lb Chinook caught by Norb who was celebrating his 85 birthday. Saturday we went 14-17 and took many Chinook Salmon. On Sunday we went 17-17 and took all 5 spiecies. We landed 10 Chinooks and 9 were over 10 lbs, with the big weighing 16 lbs. The 4th of July weekend looks to be great weather and fishing is just going to get better. So book a trip for  Milwaukee Charter Fishing aboard Silver King Charters and catch Salmon today. 

June 22, 2008

        Summer is finally here and the prime Milwaukee Charter Fishing season for Chinook Salmon is just starting. I was Salmon Fishing Racine Wisconsin this weekend starting on Thursday. The fishing was tough but we managed to catch fish each day.

       Thursday we went 12-14. Most of these fish came between 50-60FOW off the Oak Creek Power Plant. The catch included 8 chinooks, 3 Lake Trout and 1 Brown Trout. On Friday we went back to the same spot. The fish were there, but were more challenging to catch. We went 7-9 and really had to work for these fish. On Saturday we went further North just past Bender Park and went 13-15. The fish were still difficult to catch but with constant changes to baits as clouds gave way to sun we were able to get some fish to go.

       On Sunday I was back in Milwaukee and went a little north of the Milwaukee Harbor. The fishing was slow but it was a beautiful morning and flat calm conditions. We went 6-9 but had some real nice fish. This is the transition period on Lake Michigan and it is tough to track fish from day to day. It is still a lot of fun and we are still catching fish on Siver King Charters. Charter Fishing Milwaukee will just keep getting better each week from here. Already I have heard of reports of 3 Chinooks weighing over 20lbs and we should see more of these throughout the season. The lack of Coho Salmon has hurt us this year, but there are plenty of Chinooks. This year will be another outstanding season.

       Summerfest starts on Thursday June 26 and Silver King Charters is within walking distance of the grounds. There is no better way to spend the day than catching Salmon on of the worlds best fishery and then going to the worlds largest musical festival, Summerfest. So call today and book a trip with Silver King Charters and try Milwaukee Charter Fishing for yourself. 

June 16, 2008

         I spent most of my week pre-fishing for a tournament in Racine Wisconsin on June 20-21. We did one charter on Saturday. I wish the report was better but we went 5-5 on the trip. We took 4 Lake Trout and one 13 lb. Chinook Salmon. With all of the run off over the last week the fish are scattered and the water murky all the way out to 150 FOW. Silver King Charters has 10 trips this year and averaging 10 fish a trip. Look for this to go up after the water clears up. Fishing was just starting to pick up before the big rains effected the midwest. The next 2 1/2 months will provide excellent Milwaukee Charter Fishing for Chinook Salmon, so book now and join in the fun. 

June, 9 2008

         We fished in Racine this weekend for the Cash On The Line Tournament. On Friday we pre-fished and ended up 15-16. Most of the action was in 60-70 FOW and the fish came off a mix of spoons and flies. Salmon Fishing Racine Wisconsin on Lake Michigan has been much like Milwaukee this year but is starting to really turn on after a unusually slow start.

        We caught a couple Lake Trout and the rest were a mix off Chinook and Coho Salmon. These tournaments give the crew and myself an opportunity to try new setups and make your fishing trips better aboard Silver King Charters.

        The tournament was on Saturday and we went 12-15. It was not the trip we were hoping for but that is fishing. We started in 60-70 FOW with half spoons and half flies. We had only 5 fish by 10:00AM and changed up our entire spread and moved into the 50 foot contour. In the last hour and a half we went 7-9 and salvaged the trip.

        Orange dodgers and green peanut flies took these fish and the majority were Coho Salmon. We caught a nice 7.5 lb Coho, which is large for this time of the year. Adjustments are key in catching Salmon and although this would have been a nice charter catch, it was not enough for a tournament.

        Silver King Charters is looking foward to Charter Fishing Milwaukee Wisconsin this weekend and the fishing is getting better every day. Summerfest is around the corner and is a popular time for Milwaukee Charter Fishing, so plan ahead. We are located within walking distance of the World's Largest Music Festival.  

June, 2 2008

        I was looking forward to some outstanding catches (numbers wise) this weekend, but the water is not quite warm enough on the surface. We still had good success both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

        Saturday morning we Charter Fished North of Milwaukee in 100-160 feet of water. We landed 11 out of 14 fish, with several nice Chinook Salmon over 10 lbs. Fish were taken primarly on flasher flies off downriggers. We used boards with copper set ups to take the last 2 fish of the trip.

        Sunday was a beautiful flat calm morning, with sunny skies. We set up in 150 feet of water straight off the north gap of Mckinley Marina. We went 11 for 14 and everyone aboard had a great time. The big fish of the trip was a 12 lb Chinook Salmon caught off a board using copper wire and white flasher/aqua fly. The Coho Salmon are now showing up in better numbers and their average size is going up to 4 lbs.

       I am booked next week Thursday-Saturday but have Sunday morning avaible. The following Sunday is also open. Come June 19-21 I will be in Racine Wisconsin fishing Bob Uecher Make-A-Wish tournament. I have that Sunday morning, June 22, open. So book now and join the excitment of Milwaukee Charter Fishing aboard Silver King Charters. 

May, 27 2008

         We had trips all three mornings of Memorial Day weekend. Although the water was still a little cold Milwaukee Charter Fishing is in full gear. I fished in 120-150 feet of water all three days. Most of the fish were coming 40-110 feet down on a mix of spoons and flies.  

         Saturday's trip was a lot of fun with Robin, Pam and Al from Iowa. They caught 8 fish on their trip and only lost one. The big fish of the day was a 13 lb Chinook Salmon. They also caught a Rainbow, several Coho Salmon and Chinook Salmon. Pam's husband fish aboard Siver King Charters last September. After the trip she e-mailed me saying "I look forward to getting back out again this summer and still water fishing will never trip my trigger again."

         Sunday's trip was with Natalie and her twin sons Vince and Michael. They caught 6 of 8 fish they fought. This trip was all Chinook Salmon and good size for this time of year. The boys brought in all the fish, with the biggest Chinook weighing 14 lbs. The wire dipsy diver set ups took 4 of these fish using flasher flies and a couple more came off spoons on downriggers. Natalie was also from Iowa and e-mailed me saying "The boys came home proud of their catch. I'm sure they'll remember this trip for a lifetime. Come July, we'll have shorts and t-shirts packed and be ready to come back and catch our limit!"

        Monday's trip was with Fulton and two friends from Green Bay. Lake Michigan was a little bumpy for this trip but the fishing was good. They caught 11 fish, with several of them over 10 lbs. The catch was made up of Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon and Lake Trout. The season is just starting for Charter Fishing Milwaukee and Silver King Charters is looking forward to another excellent year.

May, 19 2008

         Fished both Saturday and Sunday mornings. On Saturday Silver King Charters went 14 for 15 landing 10 Chinook Salmon, 2 Coho Salmon and 2 Lake Trout. We fished South of Milwaukee off Oak Creek and worked 120-150 feet of water. The best action came deep between 70 to 110 feet down. We were looking for Coho's but the water temp was a little too cold, so we set the deep lines to capitalize on Chinook Salmon. Two of the Kings were 14lbs and 3 others were between 10-12lbs. Nice size for this time of year.

        The Sunday trip netted only 6 fish. We had one customer and 5 fish is the limit. This was a nice mix of fish though. He caught 1 Chinook Salmon that was 10lbs, 3 Coho's, 1 Steelhead and a Lake Trout. The water is a little too cold for good action on Coho Salmon this weekend but it should start heating up by Memorial Day. The Coho's are just starting to show up off the shores of Milwaukee due to the cold weather early this season.

         Silver King Charters is booked Saturday and Sunday mornings but the evenings and Monday morning are still open. Memorial Day Weekend should be excellent for Fishing Milwaukee Salmon.

May, 12 2008

        The Mother's Day Charter was cancelled due to poor conditions and rescheduled for Memorial Day weekend. The dates are starting to book up on the weekends. For the next 3 weekends I have every evening open except May 17th. The mornings still open in May are 17, 18, 26 and 31. The Coho's are now showing up in Racine and by this weekend should be a good part of the catch.

      The tournament is now up to 49 boats. We released 40,000 Brown Trout from the Great Lakes Sport Fisherman Club net pens. We will release 58,000 Chinook Salmon on Tuesday. The DNR releases the fish into the net pens and we release them from here 24 hours later at dusk. This gives the fish time to acclimate to the water before being released. This leads to a higher survival rate. As a Charter fisherman this is very important to me and for all who fish the Great Lakes.  

 May, 6 2008

          Silver King's Charter Fishing boat is slipped at McKinley Marina, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and everything ran perfectly on the shake down cruise. My first scheduled trip is on Mother's Day and I will have a steady stream of reports for the rest of the season from Silver King Charter Salmon and Trout Lake Michigan fishing trips. The Coho Salmon should be showing up South of Milwaukee within the next week.

          We now have 45 boats registered for the August 9th Lake Michigan Salmon fishing tournament! At this time last year we had 21 boats and it filled up two weeks before the actual date. Last year we had over 20 people on the waiting list. Milwaukee Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan was outstanding for last year's tournament and we hope for the same this year.

 April 28, 2008

The 2008 Lake Michigan Salmon season is under way and I will be slipping my boat at Mckinley Marina on May 1st. The fishing around and in the Milwaukee harbor has been excellent this April. Anglers are catching a lot of Brown Trout, Lake Trout and a few Chinook Salmon. I heard reports of a couple Chinooks in the mid teens. Most of the action has come on stick baits off of boards.

           I will be running a shake down cruise on May 4th and then the season begins for Silver King Charters. Milwaukee Charter fishing usually occurs around the harbor or South of Milwaukee. Last Season I ran as far as Wind Point to put clients on fish.

           I will be looking for the Coho's. Although there has not been many reports of them yet it shouldn't be more than a couple weeks and Silver King Charters will be filling up on the Silver Salmon. I hope to have fishing reports soon.

For those of you interested in the Brew City tournement it is coming along nicely. Todd has been able to get some new sponsors and retain some old ones. Silver King Charters is sponsoring 2nd place for Chinook, Rainbow, Brown and Laker.  We are at 35 boats as of April 21st and expext to fill up. So don't wait until it's too late.